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Cage pilots association

Becoming a  member of AsPiC, will help us all promote la Cage concept among free flying pilots, whether or not you are a Cagist, a future Cagist or simply interested in the Cage. Your contributions will enable us to organise official Cage Fly-Ins, and Cage participation in major paragliding meetings, all of which is likely to contribute to the diffusion of la Cage Concept within the sport of free flight.
To subscribe, send your name, address, phone and mail,
and  a cheque of 30 Euros, payable to Aspic, to the treasurer :

18 rue de la Joliette

You can also register by email

Send your details by mail and later, send your contribution by snail mail.
In return, you will receive a membership card, all the publications of the "Unleashed Cagist" magazine , and will benefit of privileged information on all that relates to "la Cage", how it flies, as well as contacts and exchanges with other Cage pilots.

NEW : You can now pay on line by credit card or bank transfer !
The payment is done via a secure server.
The amount field is prepositionned to 30 euros
Your may edit this field to make a donation to AsPiC
For example, for a donation of 10 euros, enter 40 instead of 30.
Then click the "Payment" button.
Your subscription + donation :    euros
Thanks again for your support !

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